A hand-drawn keyframe helper

I do hand drawn animation in standard Animate and please forgive me if this is available in Pro or even Animate already. The way I do things (maybe its common, I have not been schooled) is it draw a dot at a certain part of the drawing. I then move to the next keyframe and put a dot that corresponds to the same location. The I go to the inbetween image and draw a dot in the middle of the other two. Basically I end up with a connect the dots puzzle and go from there.

I know there’s morphing but it’s too hit-or-miss for my uses. It would be nice if there was some way to assign numbered dots on two drawings and have Animate generate an inbetween image with a dot centered between the same numbered dots of the other drawings. Perhaps even add a way to automatically generate a line based on the dot order.

Why don’t you just animate the dots?

Like expose your dots from first drawing to where you want your second drawing. Then rearrange them with the animate button on. Then they will automatically animate and you can then play with things like ease etc to get them moving exactly how you want.

That’s a genius way to do it actually. Consider that request fulfilled.