A grabber that's only visible in OpenGL - SOLVED! Visibility Node.

Does this exist somewhere in harmony 12? It would be really useful if it did! I’ve seen it coded before, and it worked so incredibly well I find myself a little lost without the ability to make little grabbers to let the animators know they can manipulate this and that there’s something there they can grab etc etc. This would then not actually render, like the manipulators in 3D.

I did a quick search of the harmony 12 help, and didn’t turn anything up.

Thought I’d try the internet. Thanks for any help!

I think I know what you mean…

What I do is create a circle in a bright colour like pink or green, make it semi transparent, position it over a pivot or off to the side of an arm, leg, whatever and use that as a ‘grabber’ to select a peg or a parent peg. Then when I’m ready to render the movie I turn the transparency right down on that colour so you can’t see it. The only way I know how to make this work though is by using drawing elements as pegs. That way the circle IS the peg. I know it sounds confusing, but if you watch the old Animate Pro Karate Rabbit tutorials on rigging it explains why this method is great (eg. you can then have multiview characters stored in one master template with a different pivot positon for each view).

I’ll have a think how to do it without drawings as pegs though… hmmmm…

Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately it won’t work for me, as I’m making these rigs to hand off to other animators, all working off-site. Drat, I hope the next version will have this capability built in, it is so useful.

I’ll have to watch that tutorial, as I’m a little confused by having a drawing as a peg. Thanks for pointing me in that direction!

While Harmony doesn’t have something such as "invisible handles"to manipulate small objects difficult to select on the Camera view, it does have the Visibility node that allows you to choose if whatever is connected to it is only visible on the OpenGL or Render views. You can create a parent object only visible in OpenGL or you can draw your handle on a sublayer you’re not using. In this last option you would have to filter the sublayers separately on your Node view, for instance Colour and Line (if you work with them separate) and then another connection for the Underlay or Overlay with the handle, only visible on the OpenGL view.

Luis Canau

Similar to what DessieX suggested, you could hide the handles with a Colour-Override module set to replace your handle colour to transparent. That way you could easily deactivate or activate it. It’s not very different from setting the colour to transparent directly, but you would be able to hide or show the manipulators individually. The Visibility node might be better for this effect. It just ignores the handles when you export, and you can make really discreet handles so that they don’t make much ‘noise’ on OpenGL.

Fore reference, here’s a post from the Toom Boom blog with some tips about using the Visibility node.


Luis Canau

YES! Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted. Visibility! I will use the HECK out of that. Also we’ll see how discreet my handles are, haha. They have to be both obvious and not overly obnoxious. I think they’re just going to all be orange. :smiley: