A glitch?-- selecting specific frames in the exposure sheet window

Toonboom Studio was working great this morning, as usual, then all of a sudden I am unable to select specific frames in the exposure sheet window. When I attempt to select a frame, specifically around frames 25-35, it just jumps around. When I use my up and down arrows, the selection just moves back and forth between two or three frames. Is this a problem with toonboom or am I having some kind of hardware problem?

Well, I haven’t experienced anything like that yet…using the arrow-keys…Do you see the same result with the A and S keys…?Have you tried to make the X-Sheet-window larger…? does that help…?RegardsNolan

A and S keys, same result. Tried making the windows larger, it didn’t help.Strangely, it would work fine for the first few elements, but when I got to the fourth or fifth column, it would start jumping around, not allowing me to select specific cells. Then when I’d go back to the first few elements, those were jumpy as well.Ultimately I just opened a new file and copied and pasted most of the elements from the old file into the new one. When I copied and pasted one of the elements that “jumped,” I would close out the file, re-open it, and copy and paste other elements.For some reason, about one third of the elements I was working on seemed to be affected. Maybe it was something in the files I imported? Then again, when I imported these files into my animation, they worked fine. I can’t figure it out.Anyway, after some delay, I did get my animation done. And it is adorable:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJJstOdAupwThanks!

Does the issue always happen with the same project. If so, you can send your project to support@toonboom.com and we will see if we can find the cause of the problem.If you are able to reproduce the problem with a new project, can you list the steps needed to get to the problem?Thank you.

I have recently had this problem as well. This is the only thing on the internet I’ve seen of the problem. I animated a scene and everything worked fine. I started inking when random frames couldnt be selected and worked on. I couldnt select them in the timeline or the exposure sheet. I end up having to shut down the program and open it back up. Everything will be back to normal for a while but eventually random frames will lock again.

So far it’s just this project. I went back and opened previous projects and it doesn’t seem to be affecting them. Like I said before, I basically had to start a new project to get around the glitch. I was able to copy and paste most elements from the glitchy project into the new one, without any problems. But there were at least two elements that caused problems and I had to import the original line drawings.With the first project, however, I’m still having the problem. For the first few elements everything works fine, I’m able to move the cursor around and select any cell I wish, and the up and down arrows and A and S buttons work as they’re supposed to, but when I get to the fourth element, everything goes jumpy. And at that point I can’t select specific cells in any other elements, including those that were fine immediately before touching the fourth element.I’m not sure how I would go about sending the file to toonboom support, although I’d love for someone over there to take a look at it, especially if it’s now happened to someone else. I tried attaching it to an email and it just kept loading, and loading, and loading…

If your project contains bitmaps, it might be to large to send by email.If that is the case, you can erase the bitmap files inside the project folder, zip the entire folder and email it to us.If that doesn’t work, you can try to send us just your tbp file but I don’t know if we will be able to open it.