A few simple questions

I animated a simple walk motion, and basically have the character walking in place in the drawing mode. I then switch to the screen playing mode to give the character translation motion using the pegs. However I am having a problem making the walk look realistic. The character moves across the screen too fast for the walk motion and makes the character looks like hes skating rather then walking across the screen. How do I slow down the translational motion in the screen playing mode? I made the motion “velocity” and “linear” … but I can’t seem to figure out how to slow down the movement of the character across the screen to match the walk motion.

I could speed up the fps …but thats not the answer, because it will move much too fast. And even if it didn’t move too fast, because TBS does not allow us to vary the fps for particular sections of our work I need to learn how to coordinate this movement with a fix 24fps.

Well, how I have done it is to loop my walk cycle in drawing mode to make enough steps to cover whatever distance I needed to and then set my peg in sceneplanning to start and end on that distance. I have also made a template from the single walk cycle and then looped that in a new project (again using a single peg to set the distance covered). I reckon you could create a peg that covers the distance of one walk cycle, too, and then loop the peg enough times to add distance. I think that might be messier. Not sure. Undoubtedly there is a preferred way to do this and it’s probably fully explained in the instructions and tutorials which I should take the time to go through more fully one of these days. Perhaps a real expert will chime in.