A few questions

Hi. I’m a Flash CS3 user, currently looking into TB Studio or Animate. Normally, I’d go for Studio, but am a bit confused by the pricing…

1) As I see it, right now, Studio is $400 until Nov 27, and Animate is $700 (permanently?.. or was someone else right in saying this is just temporary?).

2) What exactly does the 1 vs 2 star code in the product comparison indicate? 2 stars = more advanced?

3) Using Flash (Adobe/Macromedia) as a reference, what exactly is the difference between Studio’s library (what SEEMS to be Flash symbols) vs Animate’s SYMBOLS (which seem to be effectively the same thing, even though Studio doesn’t have ‘symbols’ (as far as name))?

Hope you can help me out with these… Thanks

I’m not sure about Studio.

In the press release pdf for Animate I see December 25th as the end date for the introductory price. The regular price for the full version being $999.


1. As described by ToonSeq the full price of the software is 999$. The 700$ deal is a launch promotion for the software.

2. As you expected the 2 star code means the feature is more advanced in the version which has more star. It will most likely contain either more functionality of give you a better control in the version that has more stars.

3. The symbol feature from Animate actually allows you to link multiple elements to the same symbol (like in Flash) The library from Toon Boom Studio will allow you to store material and import back but it is not linked to the original. Therefore if you change your template it will not update your material in the scene automatically (you would need to reimport the file). Be aware that Animate has both the template and symbol system.