A few questions for TBH users

Just some questions I have for Toon Boom users.

  1. An Annual or a Permanent License
    I have been planning on saving up for Toon Boom. Just not sure which licensing I should go with. Either an annual or permanent license.

Bare in mind that I just want to get the software and be done with it. Maybe I’ll see about getting newer versions in the future. But I want to place ALL of my attention to animating.

  1. If Toon Boom isn’t a good option would OpenToonz be a good alternative?

Not sure if this will be taken down, but I don’t really care https://mobdro.bio/ https://kodi.bio/.

Would it be best to use some other 2D animation software while I save up for Toon Boom? If not have something like OpenToonz as the main animation software.

Keep in mind that I have tried it out and I have some gripes with it. But I am willing to try some stuff out as I save up for TBH.

  1. Pencil or Brushes?
    Would it be better for one to use the brush or pencil tool for drawing. (Sort of seeing what other opinions would say about this.) Mostly with a graphics tablet for drawing and animating.

Thank you in advanced and have a good day.