A few problems and questions.


I have recently started using Animate Pro (and trying to adjust from previously using Digital Pro). I will be helping some other animators learn the software, and I have a few questions:

1. ‘Set Bezier Ease in and out’ function/button missing. I’ve looked everywhere! This was one of my favourite tools in DigPro, does it exist in Animate Pro?

2. Although I won’t really be using this function so much, I have had problems exporting SWF files. Animate Pro freezes just before it gets to the ‘exporting drawings’ part if the scene is longer than a certain amount. I had to export the SWFs as separate short segments (no more than about 100 frames) to avoid this. The problem has occured on both computers I’ve used.

3. Animate Pro occasionally crashes when I click on ‘Customise’ for the Audio Options in the ‘Write’ module.

Cheers, I think I have some more questions, but those are the big ones so far.


Hi Tim,

The Set Bezier Ease can now be found in the Script tool bar you should be able to activate by right clicking in the tool bar section and trigger on Scripting. The script itself should be called TB_Set_Eases_for_multiple_parameters.

As for the swf it might have something to do with the amount of data in the frames. We would need to actually see the project to define what is going on there.

For the customize issue this may actually be your Quicktime that is not responding. Try updating your Quicktime version to the latest one available.

Best regards,


Thanks for your help.

I have tried what you suggested regarding the scripting toolbar, but the problem is that there is no ‘toolbar manager’ button, so I can’t find the script I’m after and add it on. If I click on the ‘manage scripts’ button, it’s not in there either.

Would you recommend optmising the drawings in my animation before converting it to SWF? There is very little information to export, so that’s why I was surprised that I couldn’t export much.


To add to the toolbar you will need to use the icon with a F and the arrow. This one will allow you add and remove scripts from the toolbar. In theory the script should already be there (on the right side) which is TB_Set_Eases_for_multiple_parameters.

It probably would help to optimize your drawings before export to swf as it may be a single drawing that is failing to export. Is the freeze occurring at a specific frame every time? Have you tried to export only that frame by setting the range to it?

Best regards,