A few Animate 2 (pro) questions..

will there be a pro version? if so, when will it be released? cost?
will it be 100% compatible with animatepro 1?
can animate1 open animate2 scenes? (propably not…)
can animate2 open animate1 scenes? (sure hope so)
will animate 1 plug-ins work in 2 ?! (especially the bubble shadow because i use/need that all the time ^_^)
are the psd and ai import “bugs” resolved? (having to group layers in psd, ai losing layers completely)


There will be a pro version. There is no information available yet regarding when or how much it will cost.

It will be compatible with Animate Pro 1.

Animate can not open Animate 2 scenes.
Animate 2 can open Animate scenes.
Animate plugins should work in Animate 2.
The PSD and AI import “bugs” are not resolved. The problem regarding AI losing layers is a limitation on Adobe’s side, not ours. This is not something that we can resolve because Adobe has restricted access to layer information. Regarding PSD specifically, you should still have to group the layers.

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thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

you wrote the plugins “should” work… this sounds as if it isnt sure yet.<br />if they dont work it would be a dealbreaker in my case. (i only ordered the first one after i found out about the bubble shadow effect)
could you please clarify?

too bad about the adobe formats…damn quasi-monopolists :wink:

just one more thing… is the pro weeks or months away (from the non-pro release)…if you know at all.

thanks again :slight_smile:

I have to just clear something up here - are you talking about Animate or Animate Pro? The plugins are only available with the Network view, so you would only be able to use the plugins (bubble-shadow) when Animate Pro 2 comes out. But yes, I confirmed that the plugins will still work in Animate Pro 2.

I will try to confirm some details on the Animate Pro 2 release - for the moment I have no information available on this.

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yes, i was talking about the pro version :slight_smile:
i have 2 pro licenses and plan to upgrade to v2.
now that i know the plugins will work i can`t wait to get my hands on v2pro…

thanks for your fast replies!

Just curious…what’s the bubble shadow effect?

Ok, I just found out that bubble-shadow is an effect offered in one of the digital pro effects packs. So is this effect supposed to work in Animate Pro version 1? I’ve downloaded it and patched the app but it doesn’t show up anywhere in my module library ???

update: after actually reading the installation instructions I found it in my templates library where it’s supposed to be… duh! How exciting, more effects to play with!

Glad you got it working. Hope you enjoy working with it.

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