A couple problems for Newbie

First problem I’ve run into is, that when I try to fill a drawing I’ve made with a gradient it doesn’t show up… when I try a normal color fill it works… not sure why this is. It was working fine earlier in my project but I must have changed something. Its so frustrating.

Second thing is… when I zoom out the camera seems to stretch out the scene with it. I have a groundplane and no matter how far I zoom out the groundplane is still right under the camera stretched out. In perspective view its just fine though.

I’m sure I’ve hit some strange buttons on accident as I’m learning this interface. Thanks alot guys.

Hmm I don’t see a way to edit my post on here.

Ok the gradient thing seems to work if I have show current drawing on top but if I click any other place on the timeline its gone. Me so confused.

Nevermind seems to have been the way my layers were seperated. Thanks for reading