A couple of "Ask Andy" cartoons - Created in Harmony

Ask Andy answers real questions from young people. The cartoons start with something silly, then Andy answers an incoming question. Andy is an alien who works on a space station with a computer co-worker. These two cartoons link story wise for the first section anyway, so that’s why I put them both here.

All done in Harmony and I use iMove for editing scenes together.




TheRaider, mattN_81230 and AlexF, thank you!

Even though I only did 1 cartoon so far where, Andy actually walks to his desk, most of the time he is stationary, but I do try animate him well enough that it’s not something you’d think about. For the longest time, he never drank from his mug. I just start with simple animations and figure out other suff later. Which is also why I had him behind a desk, easier to animate while learning.

When he sips from his mug in the second cartoon, the mug looks good enough that it seems to tip towards him, where all I did was created a second drawing (a duplicate of the mug) and deleted the two lines that show the opening, the rest is the same. So those lines just disappear and reappear - helping in making it look like it tips.

I appreciate the comments towards the camera work.


Your videos are always good to watch. I like how you get the most out of your animations.

I love this. The use of the camera not only keeps it entertaining, but creates a mood and let’s the viewer get lost in your world. I’d love to see a fast-paced short film in this style.

These cartoons are very entertaining, I like the camera work too. Very good work.