A couple of animations

This is something I worked on for a client. The animation was kept simple so it’s more of an animated slideshow you might say.



Here’s another animation I did. It’s the Careful What I Do song. As you can see, I got a bit more into the animation on this one. I also did some of the artwork on this site.

Nice jobs Zeb.
Have you drawn these in Harmony or have you used Xara for your artwork?
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Thanks! The artwork was all done in Xara Designer Pro 7. The animation was done with Animate Pro 2 as it was before I got Harmony.

I think you are doing excellent artworks and very nice cartoons so I just wanted to know. And I have upgraded to Harmony today.
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Thanks again! Here’s one more simple animation that just got posted on a holiday show. It was actually supposed to be cropped but somehow the exported SWF included everything outside the camera view. Oh well!


The video was really clean and crisp. It was easy to watch.

At 40 seconds you have a beam of light for the character (I don’t want to name names in case im wrong! haha) and at first I had no idea what it was. I was actually going to ask what that white chunk is.

I personally think you would of been better off overlaying with transparency and using blur to soften the edges.

Currently it doesn’t look like his in the beam of light (which he is meant to be right)?

The style in careful what I do is easily good enough to be on the cartoon channel IMO.

Thanks, James! Yeah, I should’ve blurred and done an overlay. I guess I was getting too lazy with all the other light beam effects I did throughout. LOL! By the way, the light burst at the beginning and end and coming out of the tomb were done in Particle Illusion exported as transparent PNGs and then imported into Animate. The other moving light beams were all Animate.

You are a very great animator Zeb!

I Like your style!

What do you use for the shine effect?


Um, let’s see… it was two kind of transparent white pinwheels, pretty big, that slowly rotated in opposite directions. Both were masked so that they only appeared where I wanted them to and there was a blur module to soften the edges. Once I set it up for one scene I added a peg to the whole effect, collapsed it and drug it to the library for other scenes I wanted to use it on.

Zeb you know I like all of your work, but I think this is the best overall production I have seen from you. The style is clean and crisp just how I like it. I wish you would share some of your Freelance experiences (good ones and bad ones), and advise sometime soon. Great work as always.

Thanks, Alex! You always make my day! Perhaps I can answer that in a new thread. I’m still just learning but I guess I can share what little experience I have had in the hopes that it will benefit some folks here.

Here’s the new thread:


Very fun stuff, Zeb. I’ve got a couple of kid-focused ideas on the drawing board. We’ll see when I get to them.

Great work! I love the clean style.