A Christmas Greeting from Zebtoonz Productions


very cute!

Thanks, James! I did a second version from one of the out takes. My little two-year-old got carried away near the end of our recording session. So I had to post it.


I loved the second one much better, all it had to do was finish with a big cheesy grin instead of a smile.

Harmony or Pro?

That was such fun! (I’m joining the second version fan club (although the first is pretty sweet, too). The silhouette ‘reveal’ was very clever!!

Harmony. Although there was nothing fancy there so it could have been done with either Animate or Animate Pro. I suppose you thought the snow was Harmony particle effects? It’s not. It is the default snow that comes with Anime Studio.

Well done. Happy Holidays.
Be Well.

Haha I like the second one too!