A character's side view

I’d like to get some suggestions on how other Toon Boom users rig their character’s several views. I am working with many cut-out characters and I’m switching over from Anime Studio. (formerly moho) In that software, they had an option to switch visability from one folder (front view) to another folder (side view). I’ve read all the tutorials and understand perfectly how to have my character in one view, facing the camera. However, what if in the middle of the animation, I want my entier cut-out to “switch” to another set of elements in order to show my side view drawings. I’m wondering if I can do this all within one parent peg, in order to keep my side view synced up in the same location of my front view. That way, I can easily switch back and forth between the two.

Thank you for any suggestions. P.S. No need to refer me to http://www.tallgrassradio.com I like the tutorials, but I didn’t find my answer in those specific tutorials. Thank you again.


I guess if you designed your character to be in similar location to start with you could simply drop the second view of the character under the same master peg which is moving the character. This being said be aware that you will not recover the actual action the character was doing (basically if you change the view while the character was walking you will be able to recover it’s position in the screen but not necessarily the pose the character was at) so you will still need to adjust the pose of the character to make the movement continuous.

Hopefully this will help you out.

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I’m sorry I didn’t have the answer for you on my site. But I’ll be glad to give you some insight here. It is generally best to rig all views separately (side views, three quarter views, front views and back views). Each view should have it’s own master (main) peg and be saved as a unique template. If you want to switch views in a scene it is easiest to bring in the desired template for the appropriate frame range as needed. Although this makes for larger timeline track lists you can collapse pegs when not in use and that helps to manage the clutter. The problem with trying to have multiple views on a common rig is the layering of elements between views. A layer that is on top in one view may not be appropriate in that position in a different view etc. The matching of positions etc when bringing in a new template is very easy so the multiple template approach is a good technique to employ. I’m not saying it is the only approach but in my experience it is easiest to work with in most cases. For certain situations such as close up work with head turning movements I usually build a special rig that uses cell swapping to allow for character animation but this is not usually a full body rig but just a head and shoulders style rig. -JK

Hey thanks for the suggestions.

So now I ran into a problem…let me know if this is a known bug.

Whenever I drag a template from my library into the timeline every thing is fine…until I move my mouse cursor over the right edge of the main peg’s element and attempt to drag it from say frame 1 to frame 2, Toon Boom crashes. It doesn’t matter the frame…the amount of frames I’m trying to stretch the element out to…and it doesn’t even matter what template I use. It’s even doing it on the “little boy” template.

Luckily I don’t HAVE to stretch the element to add frames. I could always just copy and paste. However, I keep trying to do it by habit and then the program crashes. Other than this one thing, everything else is great. Anybody know what I’m describing?

I have not experienced this problem when adding a template and repositioning it. The steps I use are:

1 drag the template from the library to the time line.

2 collapse the template main peg

3 double click on the track in the timeline to select the entire track as a unit (black lines show top and bottom of the track’s entire length)

4 drag the track to the desired timeline frame starting position

Perhaps Ugo has some ideas why you are experiencing this. -JK


Try expanding/collapsing some of the elements from your cut-out character before doing the stretch. I have seen this behavior happen and we have fixed it for the next release but in any case it was depending of the ordering of the pegs that were shown and changing the structure by expanding and collapsing the elements was partly fixing the situation.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause you.