A button to go to frame 1 of the timeline

It would be nice to have a “rewind” type button that returns to frame 1 on the timeline, rather than having to use the scroller and then click on frame 1.

~ Lindsay

Make your own!!!

Just copy and paste this into a new script. If you don’t know how If you find my scripting tutorial on youtube/betterflashanimation it shows you how to add a script and button.

function goToFrame1()



You also easily allow you to choose a framenumber but that kind of beats the point of the shortcut you want. Although the guy who runs 16K frames on this forum might like that script extension.

I started programming computers in 1980 (as a 12-year-old back in the days when computers had 1K of memory and you worked in basic or assembler), did it for a living for almost 15 years (C/C++/Pascal and many others), and was glad to get away from the industry to pursue art instead in the early 2000’s. But somehow, I just can’t seem to get away from writing code!

Thanks for making me aware of the scripting engine and for the Youtube tutorials on getting started. I had no trouble creating a “go to end” button once I’d found the scripting documentation to find the function to get the scene length.

But I notice the scripts are local to the project, and while that’s fantastic for some things, I think functions like “go to first frame” are probably something you’d want available in all new projects by default, so for now, my feature request stands :slight_smile:

Now I’m thinking of the (few) things I miss about Anime Studio Pro, like the “bone audio wiggle” script … hmmm … :slight_smile:

~ Lindsay

Use the manage scripts button to add them to your toolbar and they appear whenever you load animate.

I have a whole ton of them now, one click camera, quick drawing 3d objects, stereoscopic camera, auto adjust focus for stereoscopic camera, auto particle animation, and an auto pen width (to change back to my favourite setting quickly) and a few others i am working on.

You can even make your own icons for them which is cool. I haven’t done it yet but I plan too, cause they all look the same so I have to remember the order.

So they do – I misread the scripting manual, I thought the scripts were local to each project, but they’re local to each user.

~ Lindsay

There is also a keyboard shortcut.

If you are using the Adobe Flash keyboard shortcut set, you can press the [Home] key to go to the first frame.

You can also customize the shortcut in the Preferences panel under General > First Frame.


If you are using Animate 2 (for Windows):
SHIFT+, takes you to the first frame.
SHIFT+. takes you to the last frame.
…and SHIFT+ENTER plays and pauses your animation.

Note that “first frame” and “last frame” are relative. If you have set up a loop to play from, say, frame 24 to frame 100, then frame 24 becomes your first frame and frame 100 becomes your last frame.

If you are using Studio 5, you have to set up your own hotkeys. I set up SHIFT+, and SHIFT+., which were conveniently unused in Studio 5 and helps my overtaxed memory. :wink:

To set up these hotkeys in Studio 5, go to Edit>Preferences and click on the Shortcuts tab.

In the Category drop-down, select Play Menu. In the Commands window click on First Frame. To the right there is a button (strangely labeled “None”) found under “Click and press new key.” You have to click the button and then type SHIFT+,. “None” should now be replaced with “<” in the button.

Repeat steps for Last Frame.

By default, P plays and pauses your animation.