a background color for many layers

hi guys,
due to the chosen look, my animation project appears in this way →


my question is:
how can i make an overall background color for many drawing elements in the easiest way?

let me explain a bit. due to drawing editing issues the tree and the guy were on different layers (in different drawing elements). the tree and the guy don’t have any color filling, i.e. they are transparent.

as i tried to draw a frame filled with my semi-transparent background color in one element, the other one got covered with it fully. logically enough, the other layer had no boundaries for the color area.

in the end i had to merge both elements in order to have the right borders for the grey color, but i wonder if there is any method to maintain the layers and to have the background filling, too.

any ideas?
thanks in advance.

I have been thinking about this one which is why I am slow to comment. I’m not totally sure what your going for with your transparent man and tree, but that’s not really my concern. I’m thinking because you will have movement that you will want to try some combination of pegging and masking using a clipping effect. I hope that gives you some inspiration, you do pose some difficult questions.-JK

This probably isn’t the solution to your problem, & I don’t even know if it’s possible, but it seems like it might help (to my inexperienced brain anyway) If it’s a useless suggestion then please let me know why as I am a total beginner & just trying to learn this program.

Could you copy the drawing of the man, paste it on the layer with the tree, then make his outline one big “stroke”? If so, then you could delete the actual drawing of the man on the tree layer & leave the stroke there, which would stop the grey color from filling in the man’s area.

Again, I’m sure if I thought of that then you already did or it’s not possible, but just trying to help & kind of curious. Let me know how it turns out.


hi kdog and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

it’s an interesting idea you’ve got presented here, a kind of a shape’s outline blueprint into another layer.
it generally makes sense, and i only wonder if there is a tool to achieve this.
i’ll give it a try as soon as i complete the third episode of this series, which is almost ready. this time all the shapes have been placed on the same layer, but i nevertheless need a solution to this issue for the next episodes.

thanks for sharing.

cool, I hope it works, definitely let me know. I might just try a simple example myself out of curiosity.

hey even if it doesn’t work at least I didn’t sound like the complete newb that I am… I was waiting for some “dumbest idea ever” responses to my idea, heh.

Anyway, good luck & I’m sure I’ll be asking for your help soon enough :slight_smile: