90% of my elements aren't loading while building a character. HELP PLEASE!

Hello guys, so I’m an animation student, and we are just starting to learn Harmony. For our current assignment, we’re creating character puppets. I finished mine up, but because of the stupid feature where you HAVE to create a brand new file folder when overwriting a save file, I created a new save for my build. Problem is, when I open the more recent save, nearly EVERYTHING IS GONE.

The thing is, ALL of my elements are still in the proper folder in the new save folder, Harmony just doesn’t feel like loading them. Even my teacher cant figure it out.

PLEASE help me, I am going to freak out If I fail this assignment because of a bug, or something small I missed.

Pictures attached for reference.

Picture 1 is the full build as it is supposed to load. Pic 2 is how the new file loads, DESPITE all my damn elements being there.