70s look

I want to create an animation that looks like a cheaply made film from the 70s. A gritty, grindhouse look. Are there any effects or other tips that might do the trick? The project is in Animate, but I could use Pro if I need to.

I may be wrong but it might be difficult to get that exact look as you are using an entirely different tool belt than the animators of that time. I would study the animation of something form then that inspires you and try and replicate it as best as possible. Maybe thin paint/pencil strokes. A very pale color palate. I think the main thing will be style. Harry Partridge’s Starbarians series is influenced from 80’s cartoons. With using modern tech I think he does very well of pulling it off. You can look it up on Youtube. Also take into consideration the recording of voices and sound effects. You may not be able to replicate it, but you can do very well of impersonating it.

There are some filters in video editing programs to do this, especially the grainy nature.

I would probably draw my art in photoshop then bring it into Animate to animate it. That what you can make that more dirty look.

You can do it in Harmony as the pencil tool with textures is now awesome!

That’s true as well. I never really liked the “old film” effects. Maybe it’s just me though.

I bet Harmony is awesome.

I somewhat agree, but in short bursts they can be very effective. Like if you just want a flash in your cartoon or something to look old they can really bring it to life.

Doing for like 10 minutes it would probably start to lose the luster.

Your best bet for something like that is some kind of post-production effect, using a video NLE or something like After Effects, to add grain or “film look” filters.

If you link to an image that has a kind of look that you want, I can see if I have any suggestions.