64 bit

Hi, although I haven’t gone there yet myself, I was wondering if ToonBoom Animate will eventually support 64 bit Windows? It’s my understanding the next generation (Win 7?) will better support same. Isn’t Mac entirely 64 bit?



Mac Intels are 64bit and it is supported by Animate. For windows, I saw some animators using in on 64-bit XP and it was working OK except the quick time export or any feature related to the quick time was not working since Quick Time on Window 64-bit was not available (or not stable) that time. But who knows there is any unknown glitch. If you have not purchased Animate yet, try PLE first for the function. Win 7 should be another OS that Toon Boom eventually needs to support and Toon Boom should announce it when Win 7 commercialized. Yet there is still an issue about 32 or 64 bit for Win 7.

I have win Xp 64, and it works fine. Plus teh latest QuickTime supports x64 architecture operating systems.

I’ve had no problems with Toon Boom Animate in Windows 7 RC 64-bit.