64-bit Harmony.

Hello everyone,

I was informed by sales that they are developing a 64-bit version of their standalone Harmony 9. I’m not exactly sure what it will entail, but based on other software vendors that have made the leap, I noticed a ton more speed to those applications. There is no ETA for the 64-bit version, according to Sales.

Right now though, I do kind of want my fix for Harmony on my computer, but am afraid that if I buy the 32-bit version, I’ll be stuck on it.

What are others opinions on it? Should I wait it out? or should I buy the 32-bit version and hope for a cheap ‘n’ fast upgrade when the 64 comes out? If I have a 64-bit system, is there some stability issues with the 32-bit software as well?

That’s actually really great to hear.

Just out of curiosity, since the normal support and maintenance contract is a year… even though I’m quite knowledgeable that there isn’t an ETA, would the 64-bit version most likely be out within the year?

I didn’t know my license which have tech and support gave me 64bit upgrade. I have 3 license, at least 2 with the tech and such…not sure…it’s the same… would be a real help not to have to pay a fortune for 3 64bits this year. However I think the 64bit will come will a lot more than just the code change.

By the way love to beta test, hint, hint… I’m grinding away my next 15 minutes of 3d and deformation animation, with sound now and would love to try the beta.

Also I agree once you have Maya files all in their render hierarchy folder 32bit works perfectly. One thing make sure you choose half the CPU cores to render in Maya or else it will leave no headroom for TB. Once that’s done there are zero issues.

Thank YOU!!!

Really, I can’t wait to try and break your code 8)

64bit will enable me to allow Maya 2012 to have the rendering default “use all CPU cores” as 64bit Harmony will no longer be starved or resources. At the moment I set my 12 core HP Z800 to use 6 cores and it works very well BUT to use all the power would be great.

Anyway, I’ll stop blathering and repeat: thank you! Send my best to all…Ron and Bernard especially.

I am willing to beta test too if you want :slight_smile:

There are no stability issues with our 32-bit applications working on 64-bit systems - most of our clients are working in 64-bit.

As for what happens when the 64-bit comes out, if you have purchased support and maintenance, then you will get that upgrade with your maintenance contract. So there’s really no downside to getting it now.


Yes I think it would be safe to say it’s coming out within a year. ;D

Peter, I’ve got you on the list for beta testing, as soon as we have a version that’s ready for beta we’ll let you know.