5.5 running at slower than normal speeds

One of our directors is having issues with the response time with the program. He is using version 5.5. We have tried updating the computer, software and his Wacom tablet as well. We have quit and restarted the program and computer multiple times with no luck. Other programs were shut down to hopefully speed things up, with no luck. There is plenty of hard drive space available - about 90%.

We are paying for multiple licenses for our production. Any help and/or recommendation is appreciated. We cannot afford to have him down for an extended period of time.

Thank you

No response yet!!!

mhughes1, did you solve it? I’m having the same problem with the same version, and already did all that. I even uninstalled and installed again. I have 52 GB available for storage, and it’s a 22 percent of available disk space.
That’s only one monitor, 1920x1080 px os resolution, 8Gb of RAM, . Yesterday it was fine, and I’m not dealing with a huge project.
Also paying the software and neending to end this project quick.