4K / UHD at 60fps is this possible?


I'm new to Harmony Advanced, and I have 3 questions:

1. Is it okay to use a USB-3C drive with my Late 2016 Macbook Pro? I'd be working in 4K Ultra HD.

2. For smoother playback, I'd like to render 4K UHD at 60fps. Is this possible?

3. Can I import my Photoshop Brushes into Harmony Advanced?

Many thanks for your time and effort.


My System:
Macbook Pro (late 2016) with 16GBytes of Memory,
2.7 GHz Intel Quad Core i7. 
Radeon Pro 455 2G + Intel HD Garphics 530 1.5GB

With those graphic cards I don’t recommend trying to work in 4K.
With better graphic cards it is possible.

You can’t import Photoshop brushes into Harmony.

Uhm… Even the Hobbit was shot at a high frame rate of 48fps - 60fps for an animation is wasting resources for nothing. You are not playing an FPS at 60fps - animation/film frame rates should stick to accepted standards. While Youtube is testing 60fps 4k, it’s still very, VERY early to be doing that.

It’s not the framerate that requires a good graphic card it’s the resolution of the project.
Keep in mind that all those nice 4K images need to be loaded into the graphic card
memory. If the card doesn’t have the memory or the performance to do that you will
get lag at best and the software may even crash.

Thank you for your replies. Much appreciated.
Take care,