4K hardware configuration

Hi Toon Boom community !

I’ll soon work on 4K project with heavy compositing.
I’m looking for a PC WorkStation optimized for compositing. Not the minimum to work but something enough powerfull for easy and fast 8 hours/day work.

So if someone has already any practice with 4k heavy compositing, let me know which PC WorkStation can handle this (processor, GPU, RAM needed).

Thx :slight_smile:

Hi Benjamin,

Just came across your post while looking for something else. I’m also looking into building a machine geared towards next generation resolution. Most likely I will get something that roughly resembles this:

Intel i7-7820X
Geforce 1080 Ti
500GB SSD for boot
4T DD for storage
850w power

Make sure to keep everything cool with a CPU cooler and a proper case.

Good luck with your endeavors!