4 corners animation scene size

I want to create an animation that has 4 characters in different settings in each corner of the screen. My goal is to upload to youtube at 1080. My plan is to create each character in its own scene and patch them together in adobe premiere. My question is what should be the resolution setting of each scene in toon boom. Should each be 1920 x 1080 or should each be 960 x 540 so that the resultant will add to 1920 x 1080. Also maybe this isn’t the best approach to doing this, so if you have a better idea Id love to hear It. Thanks. Also, they will all be using a single audio track.

it depends on how long your movie is, for Web you can use 1280x720 and when you render you have the option to cut the resolution by half or 640x360 to keep the file size down and still have HD size, and you can also cut your frame rate to 12 frames per second, it’s arbitrary but for web you don’t have to use 1920x1080 with 24 frames per second. if you make an Animation for TV or Film use 1920x1080 with 24 frames per second, unless you live in Europe and use the PAL system.