3Q Hip Setup

I am working on turnaround rig of a character. The character has a visible hip box. I am trying to arrange my character’s legs so that the far leg is behind the front leg but every time I z nudge the back leg even a little it breaks my auto patch. Even if the auto patch is still sandwiching the upper leg layer in the network I see all the line work of the upper leg. Obviously, I can use the old method of patching but if anyone has any suggestions on how to effectively manipulate the auto patch that would be greatly appreciated.


It should be working. Have a look at what’s going on using the top or side window and zoom-in on the area. The autopatch is supposed to be following the Z-space position of the element it is connected to. Remember that the autopatch is extracting that element’s color zone which is behind the same element’s line art.

Perhaps it’s just a refresh issue of the graphic card, have you looked at the render view?

I’m not sure if I understand how you’re using the auto-patch, but it should work fine while you get the colour art from the layer that is below the one you’re applying the auto-patch into when you change that layer’s Z position. If you change the Z position of the layer on top (the one you’re applying the auto-patch into) its line will become visible.

For instance, if you have upper arm under body and lower arm over upper arm with an auto-patch connect from the upper arm over the lower arm and you want to change the Z so that the lower arm goes on top of the body while the upper arm remains under the body, the line will become visible. This doesn’t happen using colour override, which, sadly, do not work properly with centre vector of pencil lines.