3D vs. Separate position

I always start pegs and forget to change the default 3D position to Separate.
Then later in production, I’ll try to push in on something, and instead of a smooth push,
it will move to the left or right and back again.
I don’t want to switch it from 3D to Separate at that point,
because it’ll screw up earlier work.
Is there anything I can do?
I can’t seem to change the velocity.
And can I change the default 3D position to separate position?

Thanx o0Ampy0o, I’ll definitely do that on future stuff.
Regarding the current project, I can see the curve that TB is adding to my y axis in the 3D path editor window. Anyone know how I can take it out?

Things are changing. Which version of Animate are you using? Is this a version of Harmony 12?

Preferences => General => Settings

For Animate Pro 3:

There are boxes to check the following:

Default Separate Position for Pegs
Default Separate Scale for Pegs
Separate Position for Elements
Separate Scale for Elements

It would seem that the default is 3D unless these have been checked.


Animate 3:

The check boxes do not distinguish between Pegs and Elements so one might assume a box is for both.


Harmony is the same as Animate Pro 3 (including Harmony 12):