3D through morphing?

please take a look at another Adam Philips, made entirely in Animate PRO:

Adam says in the video description that he used morphing to do the 3D fox turn…
i have only experimented with morphing a couple of times, did some smoke effect and tears, but i wouldn’t have imagined anyway, that one could do what Adam did using morphing alone.

any ideas how he pulled that off? and how faster is it than drawing it frame by frame?

yeah Lilly, that’s what i was thinking too. i mean, i would have done this frame by frame, and maybe if i had to, i would morph one or two elements but what puzzled me was that he actually said he used morphing, he didn’t specify where he used morphing and i can’t really tell on which part he actually used the morphing, can you tell from watching his video?

thanks :slight_smile:

damn you did that so easily and quickly Lilly!

I am pretty sure Master Phillips used then on most of head turns. They looked like they could of been done by morphing (but they could of been drawn frame by frame too).

He also probably used it on the cool mushroom effect.

Lilly That Youtube Link says “The URL contained a malformed video ID.” I am very curious to see it.

copy and paste the link. The last couple of letters didn’t appear on the link cause she didn’t wrap it in url tags.

Wow, thats a really good video for showing what is possible with cut out animation!

Would love to see more videos showing this kind of workflow!


I saw that demonstration at ctn-x 2011 and i bought animate just because of that, i saw all the tutorials and that’s not covered at all, and i really don’t understand the sorcery behind it… Maybe when she was rigging the eyes, specifically the iris i saw something that could work, It will be great if toon boom make a tutorial about something so important and it is used as a hook.

Ohh wow those videos are really awesome!! thanks!
To be honest i think i didn’t have the right information, I bought animate with the 55%off and now im realizing that he reason why i bought it is not even on the version i bought… somehow it’s funny, i’m still using it and im really happy with animate, but i bought it because of the rigging system and the effects for the cameras like depth of field and other features that are only on the Pro version. I don’t want to complain because animate is already an awesome software, maybe in the future i’ll be able to upgrade to animate pro. I’m starting to learning the software and so far im loving it even without the pro features. I’ll just have to spend a little more time working on extra angles for my character, I really appreciate your time and your help!

You can actually achieve this look by using a cutout character if you break up your facial features from your face. Then, you can put all your facial features under one peg and move them all together. You can have all the facial features, apart from the nose, cut off automatically when they get to the edge of the face.

Combine this together with morphing to get a cool look. Sometimes you might want to morph elements like the hair, or the shape of the face, but it’s much easier on the morphing if you only have to morph one or two elements instead of all of them.

I’ve done a short unofficial video to show how this can be done in Animate Pro. The video is done with Harmony, but you can achieve the same network for Animate Pro, at least up until the part where I use the Deform tool to animate the hair.

Check out the video here:


The concepts involved are introduced in Animate Pro video tutorial Pack 19: Rigging.



I’m hoping that I can take the time (when we have a bit of down-time) to do some more demonstrations and tutorials.

I can’t speak for Adam on what he did on the head turn, but I would imagine that he only morphed certain elements. I did a similar head turn with a character where I morphed the hair.


You can achieve some of it through Animate, but to really get the complex rigging, you need to have the Network View, so you need to have Animate Pro or Harmony Standalone. I have been going through the Head rig in the past couple of weeks in the Tip of the Week series. Have you had a chance to check that out, Ibrahim?

Here’s the link to the playlist:


(with url tags this time!)


No worries! I do actually think it’s nice to start with Animate, and become familiar with all the tools, and then upgrade to Pro when you’re ready. It will help with the learning process, and everything that you learn/do in Animate will transfer over to Pro when you’re ready.