3D Textures

I am compositing 3D elements in Animate Pro 2. Everything seems good until I check the render view - anything not completely vector (image textures, texture brushes and such) disappears.

I haven’t encountered problems like this before so I don’t know what might be causing this.

I hope it’s not because Animate doesn’t support 3D rotating raster, which wouldn’t make sense. If, however, that is the case, how can I accomplish what I want in an alternative way?


Sorry for the late response, I’ve been travelling heavily recently. If you ever don’t get a response quickly enough, then you can always email support@toonboom.com for help.

I would recommend that you email support@toonboom.com now, so that they can check out your scene file.

I just tried it myself on my end, I imported in a bitmap image, then I rotated it in space, and I hit render and it rendered out just fine. Support will be able to help you out more here.