3d svg

I want to make object show bodies.

You know, the ones similar to the 3D vectors, but when seen at different angles, it doesn’t change shape and actually is viewed at a different angle. Also I want there to be two types of outline styles. On the vertex (or whatever that line shape is called), or on the outside of the object (works differently if grouped). Also, the choice for it to be 3D outline with 3D effect (it looks bigger the closer it is) or 3d outline with 2d (normal). No inverted hulls, but actually outlines (make sure it’s on the shape) so it doesn’t pixelate. Also shape tools and combine shapes (any vertex or point/dot in another shape can be deleted automatically if you do combine objects into hollow). Make sure the outlines are in front of the object if on the vertex and no other part of the model is blocking it, but if it were a human model and the arm blocked it, make sure the outline is behind. Layers you see. Also certain 2d shaders materials also should be seen even in certain angles, or anything to make it look 2d. Also just vertex or poly outlines can clip even without 3d effects. I need it to be vector editor and edit it at certain angles.

I just want this so I can make object shows with good animation.

On top of that, either an outer outline (not on the vertex or whatever shape thing it use for normal 3d vectors) that appears on the outside of the object (works around a whole certain way of grouping objects, or the normal outline.