3D Stereo Vision in Toon Boom

I added a new blog post about 3D stereo output from Toon Boom Animate and Animate Pro. I believe it would also work in Studio. If anyone has questions or comments, I’m all ears.
The post is at:


Great job! I’m glad you’re having fun tinkering around with this idea. All you would need to do to make it “real” 3D is use a post-processing software to take the two sets of rendered images and make them red/blue, and then you could pop on your red/blue glasses and you’d have 3D!

Of course, the only time that you would actually see a noticeably cool effect like this is when you use a multiplane image so you could see the different objects at different depths, then add a camera move and you’d really see the effect.

Great job again!

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