3D software techniques - eg. 360 turnaround

Hi there,

I would love to see more elements of 3D animation techniques incorporated into Animate/Animate Pro. I don’t know how much of this is possible but here goes.

While animating with a fully rigged puppet (with the front, side, 3/4, etc. views), it would be great to have a separate tool in the toolbar that allows you to choose a body part, eg. head, and turn it around the views as if it was a 3D puppet (if that makes sense), rather than going through library or shortcuts to find the appropriate head or other body part.

Eg. you click on the new tool, then click on the head, and it brings up a box around the head, which you click and hold and move (like you do with the transform tool). As you move it from left to right, it cycles through the different heads (left side view, left 3/4, front, right 3/4… etc.) . You could also move it up or down to show the head from above or below, if you have those views rigged.

In essence, you could, if you were really keen, rig enough views to be able to use the ‘rotation’ tool and select the entire character and rotate it like you would a rigged character in a 3D animation program.

Then it you want to really get advanced - you’re animating a character and you want her to switch to a 3/4 view. Currently she has an arm in the air and is carrying a sword. You can use the new tool to essentially spin her around, and the software will recognize the arm in the air, as well as the sword, and provide that arm position and sword as you cycle through the views. The software might use the pivot points and the angles at which the arm is raised to interpolate the positions in the cycle, which could you then adjust.

Finally, you could do the above in a motion keyframe. Eg. you put in a motion keyframe, click on the new tool, scrub the head from left to right, and hey presto: the animation shows the character’s head moving from the left view, left 3/4, front, right 3/4, and finally to right.

To assist the above tasks, it might be worthwhile to have a 3D character template (just a wireframe 3D representation of a standard human). As you draw your views, you slot them into the appropriate part of this 3D wireframe. Eg. you draw the front view, then you attach that drawing to the ‘front view’ slot in the 3D wireframe. The wireframe would have the basic views slotted in, and you could go nuts and put in as many as you like in between.

And if you add a feature that takes the character in my imagination and draws and animates it as fast as I can imagine it - that would be even better!



I like this idea to a degree. It would be awesome to somehow be able to organise the turnaround in such a way there is a simple way to change the view and see all the views of the character.

I think it’s a cool idea, but I think that you are kind of moving in a direction that we’re moving away from. We’re really moving away from this idea of having to create all these different views, and swapping views, and we’re focusing more on making it much easier to simply be able to animate your character around without switching any views. For example, using effects to cut off the facial features when they reach the edge of the face can help to create an illusion of a head turn without having to do any swapping.

I’m not saying that it’s a no-go for this, but I’m just pointing out that the point might be moot if you’re no longer doing swaps.