3D Scenery

Is it possible to make 3D scenery in ToonBoom Animate 2?

In Animate 2, you have the ability to lay a scene out in a multiplane. That is, you can create flat images, then move them back and forth along the z-axis to get then at different depths.

However you can’t create 3D scenery as such. In Animate Pro, you have the ability to rotate your images on all three axes, so you can create a room for example by creating many flat planes then rotating the planes to make the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you!

I use Toon Boom Harmony 10 iwith Windows, and yes you can (with a bit of patience) create anything like platforms and ladders. Buildings external and internal. I am still experimenting with this, at the moment. I find it painstaking, but very rewarding when it starts to come together. Don’t forget to double click on the drawing layer or peg layer in the timeline, and when the properties window opens click on "Enable 3D in the drawings tab. Good luck.