3D Rendering using Maya

Hi Guys,

I want to know about full 2D & 3D integration pipeline settings in Harmony 14.

I can import the FBX file in to Harmony and then add MayaBatchRender from node library between the composite and model.fbx in to the node view. I have Maya 2016 in the same machine. The harmony script editor mode to set the function path where the Maya is installed (TB_Set_3dRenderer_Paths). Once click to the Render write Nodes it starts rendering on inside harmony. Not calling Maya for the background rendering process.

Please anybody share about the entire process of render using Maya!


Hi vasanthart,

To relate to the .ma/.mb file to do the render based on the settings of your scene, you should have your Maya scene inside of the same folder as the fbx file.

In addition, it should also be named the same as your Maya file.

Check out the link below for more info:

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Hi Gen,


I know that files are placed in right path.

I could set the system environment variables where Maya is installed.

But only thing the Maya is installed as a trial version. The .mb file created from another machine. It’s have a licence.

When i render the file the output folder should have targa images. It’s fully black.