3d pipeline

I’m evaluating Harmony now and I have a question about the Maya 3D integration. The way it works now is that you export a project file out of Maya and import into Harmony. When you render, it renders the Maya 3D frame, compostites that frame in Harmony with the corresponding 2D elements and then moves on to the next frame (at least that’s what it seems like it’s doing)
This process takes a lot of time. I’ve done simple tests for example where this takes 20 times longer then just rendering the sequence straight out of Maya and comping in After Effects. Obvioulsy you lose some flexibility there but it’s a lot faster. Is there a way to bring in Maya IFF files with a Z-buffer and comp that in Harmony so you don’t have to do the time consuming back and forth process on a frame by frame basis. Or is there a way to tell Harmony to go render all the 3D in one shot and then bring the sequence back in for comping?

BTW, after viewing Lily’s last How-To on rendering for 3D, I redid my tests using the RenderMayaBatchServer node instead of the MayaBatch node.
Much much faster. Thanks for the video!

Indeed, when you have it set to Server, it keeps the application open. Whereas in the other case, it opens the application each time, which takes time.

I’m glad it works for you now!



Server works for me, thanks.

Without it, renders frame in 13 mins,
with server takes little less than 4 mins.

Its still not what i have stright in maya (1m 44s),
but 4mins is better than 13 :slight_smile:

I will have my animation (1minute, 24fps) in just 4 days! xD


It’s me again.

I dont know why,
but the mayabatchserver() didnt work now.
1 Frame takes 10 minutes and i dont have 3D objects
(black screen).

Is there any other way to speed up rendering?


Can you check if the maya batch process is not stuck in the list of processes ?

If this is not the case, contact support@toonboom.com so we could have a look at your scene…

Best regards,
Francois Grossin
Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

I wrote an email.

I will put here the solutlion if they help me :slight_smile:

I opened Harmony from the command line,
and afer i clic render view with ‘RenderMayaBathServer();’
in network , i got error:

“Error 149 : ReferenceError: Can’t dind variable: MailboxServer”