3D path or local?

You can do a path either as a 3D path or a local path.
These work a little different from each other. the 3D path of course work in 3D and the other not.

But you can use a 3D path in a 2D project as well. I has control points and the local path has benzier tools.

Anyone has some kind of overview when to use the 3D path and when to use the local?

/ Mattias

It should be better in general to use Separate Positions for X, Y, and Z for cut-out elements and 3D paths for pegs where you want to animate trajectories. You will want to have the Z axis separated to nudge elements such as a character’s arm behind and in front of its body. On the other hand, if you want to move the whole character, an airplane, etc., on the 3D space, you should use a peg with 3D path so that you’ll be able to edit the motion curve with control points.

Luis Canau

thanks Luis,

sounds like a good way of using it.

/ Mattias