3D Object transparency for Roto

Is there a way to bring down the opacity of an imported 3d object in the openGL preview mode (not render mode) so that I can draw over a 3d object and see my lines? It seems like no matter what I do, the imported 3D objects is always on top, which is frustrating because I was hoping to animate this object moving around and then roto it into the 2d style I’ve got for the rest of my scene. Anyone have any idea how to view a 3D object for a rotoscoping workflow?

You don’t have the button “Current drawing on top” selected?

Adding a screenshot would be useful.

/ Mattias

Hi cameronfxly!
Did you find a solution?

I have to animate a character following the animation of a 3d bike, and it’s really hard to see the line of my drawings!

Is there a way to menage the opacity of a 3d object in camera view?