3d multiplane?


In this toon boom video he shows that you can rotate a picture sideways to create an actual 3d multiplane

I am going nuts trying to figure this out and can not find anything in the user guide, forums, ect.
please point me to the right direction.

Only Animate PRO can do “true” 3D, that is, rotate the artwork so it isn’t perpendicular to the camera’s direction.

If you have the User’s Guide and chapter 12 is about “True 3D” that chapter should explain all.

If chapter 12 is about Morphing a Flag, then you probably have Animate (no Pro in its name) and rotating arwork is something you can’t (currently) do.

You may want to include what version of Animate/Animate Pro you’re using along with your OS of choice to allow better help with your questions. :slight_smile: