3D Models

Does anyone know how to import 3d models from other programs such as Blender, Maya, AutoDesk, etc into Toonboom?

I haven’t done that personally, but there’s some documentation on that topic:



Basically you install a plugin in max or maya or you can export the models as fbx or collada from any software and import them from file->import->3D Models.

Hope it helps

iam not sure if it is worth it yet using any other than maya for 3D stuff. I did try get the 3D work trough pixie render and blender models and as much it worked, there is no editing for lighting. So basically you always get the same light and one light direction of the 3D model you import and render. You may be better off to combine rendered frames of the 3D object instead of importing and animating 3D model in toonboom