3D model appears stretched

Whenever I import a 3D model, the image stretches across the screen when I rotate it left or right. When watching the demos of 3D models being used in SBP3D it doesn’t appear that way. In the demos the model stays the same as it is rotated. What do I need to do to change it?

Hi Lily, I did as you suggested and the image is still distorted as I rotate it. this happens in both the stage view and camera view.

Are you looking in the Stage View or the Camera View? In the Camera View, the model might look distorted outside the camera frame.

Go to the Stage View, and hold down Ctrl+Shift (Cmd+Shift on mac) to rotate around the view. Then use your First Frame tool to rotate the object, roating around the view as necessary to get the right rotation.


What build of SBP 3D are you on? Go to help > About and copy the number here - should look something like

Does this happen with all 3D models or just a specific one?

I can get you to send me the model, to test it, but if it’s all models, then the model isn’t the issue.

Can you perhaps attach a screenshot of what your screen looks like? You can upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then post the link here.