3D issues in camera view

I am working in Animate Pro, creating a simple 3D scene: a room & a background. In perspective view, everything is in its correct place. In camera view (render also), about half of the room disappears. If I disable the background, the room appears whole. If I enable the background also, one side of the room disappears again. I can’t figure out why this is happening. Any ideas?

Yes, the background is definitely behind the room. I just added some effects to the background, but this was happening before I added them. When I look at the top view and in the perspective view, everything is definitely where it’s supposed to be.


just curious, have you tried actually rendering it?

I can’t see what order things are on the composite node, but have you tried playing with the order?

Thanks, I emailed support. I’ll let you know what their answer is.


I haven’t heard from support yet, but the problem disappears when I ungroup the room elements.

I figured out the problem! I didn’t use the group function to group the room elements. I had grouped them manually in the timeline.

Probably a silly question, but your background is placed behind the 3D room, right? If you look in the perspective view and in the top view, it’s further away from the camera, and doesn’t cut across it in the middle, does it?

If not that, do you have any effects in your scene?


He did render it - that screenshot is from the Render View. :slight_smile:

Well, this is highly irregular. It’s hard for me to tell without being able to poke around in the scene file, but my first guess would definitely be something to do with effects, because what happens is that when you apply certain effects it has to flatten those layers at those points.

Also beware of Composite nodes that flatten layers into bitmap layers as well.

It might be best if you email support@toonboom.com so that they can help you with your specific scene file.