3D integration

Is there a workflow for integrating 3D sequences (for example, from Cinema 4D as Toon-Shaded) into a TBS movie? Or does anyone know, in general, how this is done these days? I see a lot of it in Anime, but also for mainstream work for Western audiences as well.

The 3D would be limited to just a couple scenes here & there.

Any info or links on such integration would be very appreciated. Thanx!

Well, render your movie or image-sequence from Cinema 4D with Alpha-Channel.
(preferably in the the same resolution as your Studio-project…)

Import that into Toon Boom Studio… place it at the desired position in the Timeline,
rescale if necessary, and in Scene-planning-mode, (Top- / Side-View) place it where needed, attach it to a Peg for a curved and key-framed motion-path, if desired…

If you like, here is a short example:
(The “Dixie” at the end of the clip (passing car) are rendered in Cinema 4D and imported into Studio…
all the rest are directly drawn in Studio, some background elements are imported from Photoshop…)