3D Integration with 3ds Max?

I just upgraded to Harmony 12 from Animate Pro 2 and I’ve been playing around with the 2D-3D integration features.
I was wondering if anyone has found a way to integrate Harmony with 3ds Max as opposed to Maya?

I can export FBX files from Max to Harmony no problem, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to render the 3D elements out.

Maybe 3Delight?
I’m hoping someone’s figured out a good way to do this.

I use Cinema 4D and I render PNG Sequences I can Import to Harmony, I have to pre plan the Animation since I can’t Edit it in Harmony though, honestly instead of using Maya, Harmony should use Wavefront Objects that can import textures and lights instead of having to have Maya

The supported ones are maya renderer, maya’s mentalray, 3delight and render pixie. The last 2 use render man .rib files.
You do need to ask some project files from TB support if I remember correctly. You will use Maya´s render node or the external node in order to do the job but you need some adjustments for it to run.

3Delight is free in a small setup but cost money if used as renderfarm. Render pixie is free.

I received the 3Delight project file from ToonBoom support, but I’ve had no luck getting it to call 3Delight to render.
I do wish they had more documentation on setting this up for 3Delight and Pixie.
I would imagine there are a lot of non-Maya users that would still like to use some sort of 2D-3D integration.

thanks for posting about 3Delight, I was looking into Indigo, but if 3Delight can make high quality renders and works well with Cinema 4D and is FREE I can be happy with that

A script that could deal with FBX camera data input and output would be a great first step in opening up Harmony to more than just one 3D app as well as providing a more efficient workflow with Maya

The current 2D / 3D integration is one way to go, but I’m finding the process extremely slow vs. rendering straight out of Maya and then comping elsewhere.