3D In Toon Boom

This question is for Ugo, but if any users have experience in this area I would be delighted to hear from you.

In the most recent TB Newsletter I noticed an ad for Swift 3D, which enables 3D vector animation. I’m really fascinated by examples I’ve seen of what looks like 2D animation but is actually 3D with hand-drawn or hand-painted texture maps. Take a look at this beautiful example. And here is an example from the electric rain site.

So my question is: since Swift 3D is advertised in a TB newsletter as being compatible with Toon Boom, exactly how could it work with TB? And would it work with TBS or Digital Pro, etc.?

Personally, I prefer 2D animation but I’m interested in the possiblities of combining 2-and-3D.


Well, I am using Cinema 4D, so don’t know much about Swift 3D or else…
but I presume, the same principle applies…?

Either you do it all in 3D with the appropriate Module or Plugin…
like Cinema 4D’s “Sketch and Toon”:

Or create certain parts in your favorite 3D software and render (Toonrender) as QuickTime movie with alpha channel, or export as SWF, and import those into TBS.

Here is a Cinema 4D / QuickTime / TBS example:
(just the car (Dixie) with the flag were created in 3D, all the rest in Toon Boom Studio)


Have a look at “The Triplets of Belleville”…
(I guess this movie was done in Toon Boom Animations “higher end” software…?)
as far as I know the car (Citroen 2CV “Deux Chevaux”) and some other objects were all created in 3D and later imported and combined.

Sorry, but I’d like to use this thread for a short sidetrip - Nolan, just visited your Clip Dreaming Of Speeding, which I think is great.

I am a total newbie to 4D (doing some backgrounds for my TBS created 2D characters), so my question might be rather naive: How did you create that checkerboard floor?


The integration of Swift 3D into TBS is through the import of a rendered SWF file created from Swift 3D. You can then composite those elements with other hand drawn elements inside TBS. So the answer to the original question is that Swift 3D does easily work with both TBS and Digital Pro. No special plug ins are required. -JK


Guess I’m a little late here but as previously explained you can import the swf that were made in Swift 3D directly inside Toon Boom Studio. The elements are rendered so you need to be aware you won’t be able to modify your 3D onces in TBS but else then that everything should be imported properly.

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Thank you all for your comments. They were very helpful.

I’m going to play around with Carrara and Blender and maybe try out Swift 3D. I have to admit, though, Cinema 4D looks amazing.

Thanks again.


For Peter the “Autlaw”:

Create a Material and in the Attributes-Manager select the Colour-Tab /
go to Texture (the little triangle) / Surfaces / Checkerboard -
Select the Checkerboard-Tab and adjust Colour and Frequency to your liking.
Apply (drag) that Material to a Floor-Object or else.


Hello Nolan,

thank you so much. Received your answer just in time - before I started drawing loads and loads of squares in black and white :stuck_out_tongue:

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