3d in Harmony

Hi. How does the 3d works in Harmony ? You import pre renders scenes or whole mesh ? When you import a mesh, how is it render ? does harmony has a renderer or what ?

well done!
Blender is nice 3D software, I like it!

Harmony utilizes plug-ins that communicate with 3D software connected via a network or installed on your system.


"There are two ways to preview and render 3D elements in Toon Boom Harmony. You can render your scene using the OpenGL preview, or render calling Autodesk Maya, PIXIE or 3Delight in the background.

If you do not set up a plug-in to preview your model with Maya or your 3D software, the preview and rendering will be done using the OpenGL preview. The result will look flat and jagged, but it can be very handy while working and exporting shots for approval.

If you render a scene calling Autodesk Maya, PIXIE or 3Delight, you will obtain a smooth result with texture and lighting.

Before you can render the 3D objects you imported in Harmony through Autodesk Maya soft render, you must prepare your system by setting some environment variables, and adjusting the Network view in Harmony…"

It takes a bit getting used to, but it generally works as advertised. I’ve never rendered with pixie or 3delight. I couldn’t figure out how. But I do a lot of rendering with Maya’s built in software renderer. It works pretty well. Mental Ray is also supported – you can go into the 3d plugin and select it, but I don’t think it keeps track of 3d “z” space as well, although it looks nicer.

Thanks for the explenation. But is there a plugin for using blender in Toon Boom like Maya? It would be great to use cycles or freestyle renderer in toon boom. Especially freestyle seems to be a perfect solution for toon boom. As far as I know cycles renderer used in blender is not only open source but also it’s licence allows to use it in other programs freely. That would be a major feature if toon boom integrated cycles or freestyle. What do you think?

I have seen work created with a combination of Blender and Toon Boom software in the Showcase section. I do not know how frequently anyone using the two visits this user forum. You might end up waiting quite a while before seeing responses.

This is pretty cool (Animate not Harmony):

A video using Blender that I found online “From 3D to Harmony”:

Toon Boom Studio and Blender:

Also try posting in the Blender forums about working with Toon Boom software.







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I wish to see blender + harmony premium, like maya, :wink:

working in a short film with space ships… I need this :wink: