3D enviroment question

Hi i ve just learnt about true 3D space in toon boom, and i designed my scene plan, a room. But now i have a thought, that i would like to make furniture in the room in 3D. Is i t possible to make it if they have many curves and roundness or is it possible only for cubical shapes?

If this isn`t possible in TB, maybe do u know if i can do this in other program and import? If so what software do you recomend

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You can build a script which will allow you to make a few more basic shapes (like prisims, spheres, etc) but not really good for making complex stuff.

Using the 3D stuff IMO should simply be used in certain situations to allow you to add some extra depth.

Currently Harmony allows the importing of 3D objects via Maya.

What about TB AP? Is it possible to import files from maya?

One more question about 3D. In perspective view, when i m zooming it doesnt work. Till 120 % it s work properly, and then its zooming less and less, and finally doesnt zooming at all. In camer view its work corect. It s frustraiting because i also cant move comfortable with space on max zoom. Do u know the problem? If you dont, i ll record video with this to show you what i mean.

WTF TheRaider, can we really make 3D spheres in Animate pro?

Animate doesn’t support the feature to import 3D objects.

Even when Harmony imports it renders with Maya.

If you can be bothered to do the math you can script more complex shapes like spheres (you can almost certainly find the math for lots of different primatives on the net).

I went a fair way down that path but stopped for a couple of reasons. First I had to run the script once for each side (I couldn’t find a way to automate moving on to the next side) and second I decided the 3D stuff wasn’t the way I wanted to go because IMO it isn’t designed for heavy use, but just for adding a bit of depth to scenes in certain situations.

It is why I can’t really help with your 3D questions, because I mainly use in situations like adding a side to a building to add depth on a camera pan for example.

So this option make no sense, right? I can make a 3D room, and put in there my stuff, but any camera angle rotation would make a giant mess. So for what purpose there is these option? does somebody use it?

I tried to put my 2D furniture inside, but it looks awefull, not mention about puting something on something.
I guess it s easier to just rearanged by perspective tool in 2D.
It s a shame that i cant do not cube objects i was really looking for 3D option and so big dissapointment :frowning:

Maybe on more question which would be an explanation for this mode. Is it possible to just take the shot of the 3D view and make from it 2d backdround? and then put our stuff in it in normal 2D mode?

I don’t rotate the camera, I use it only with panning to add depth.

It is designed to make complex 3D objects. For that you would import the animation from a 3D package.

i dont understand your last respond. What 3D package? I dont have anything like this. Can you explain what do you mean?

Something like max/maya/blender and then import the animation and add the 2D elements (or rotoscope the 3D elements).

My last post should of read " It isn’t designed to make complext 3D objects". Sorry!

Even if you use the top of line Harmony you will still be making the 3D objects in a different package.

But few posts above you say that i can`t import 3d objects to animate pro from maya, so how is it? :smiley:

You can in harmony, not Animate Pro.

In Animate Pro you would just import the video with the alpha layers.

Sorry if I am being confusing. If you are really into the 3D stuff I would recommend emailing support and asking them what the best solution is for you.

I just tinker with the 3D stuff, I don’t do full blown 3D stuff.

Ok, last question. What is it the alpha layer? Is it like display? Thah i can`t import single 3D object, but i can made 3D object in for ex. maya. Made there a video with this object, and then add it to my animation in AP 2?
You are a little confusing, but also very helpfull :smiley:

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Ask as many as you want :slight_smile: I always want to encourage discussion on this board.

The alpha layer contains transparency data. So say you record a 3D spaceship flying around(in a 3D package). You can export a video/images from your 3D package which includes the tranparencey data so when you put it into Animate all that appears is the spaceship (no backgrounds etc) which allow you to intergrate it into your current animate project.

Even if you had Harmony the process is similar but more automated. So if you are really into integrating 3D elements you would need to use a 3D package in combination with Animate/Harmony.

By the way if you eventually plan to go the Harmony way you pretty much have to use Maya so email support about that.

Sorry for jumping in so late on this thread, but it’s been a crazy week. 8)

Regarding why it would be cool to build a 3D room in AP, this can definitely be of use when you want to do any number of camera moves. Even a pan from right to left can show some depth if you have layers that have been rotated. But you’re right, that when you add furniture into this room, it’s tricky to get that all to work right together. You most of the time would draw the furniture from the perspective of the camera. But you won’t be able to do something like to rotate all the way around the room, or you will see that you’re only looking at the furniture from one side.

It is also possible to make use of the Ortholock module in AP to keep some drawing layers perpendicular to the camera, so that you don’t see the side of the layers. But any complicated camera move will make it look like the layers are sliding against the floor. It works well for some kinds of layers, like character layers, but inanimate objects might be a bit more tricky.

There are a few main routes for working with this kind of project right now.
1) To do a simple multiplane scene, and this would be the full extent of your 3D.
2) To rotate some drawing layers in 3D to make a kind of faux-3D using 2D layers. This can be particularly useful doing things like buildings on a block. From the discussion above, it can be tricky sometimes with interiors.
3) To integrate actual 3D models. You can do this in AP by exporting an image sequence or a movie file with an alpha channel, then when you import that sequence in, you can simply position it in your scene.
4) Then, as TheRaider said, you can import 3D models directly into Harmony, but if you want to do a full render beyond the OpenGL, you need to render through Maya or Renderman.

I hope that helps a little - there’s also this 2D3D Integration white paper that outlines those concepts that you can check out here: