3d enabled layers when exporting as a .SWF

Hiya I’m having a bit of trouble when I export my projects that involve 3d layers.

So I have a background layered and I wanted those layers to rotate ever so slightly using keyframes which work really nicely and give this great effect, however when I export that scene as a .swf, the layers move all wrong! they move seemingly where ever they want to all over the place! haha.

What am I doing wrong? If I export as a movie file it’s fine, but I need to export this as a .swf

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Hi drpocky,

The .SWF export in both Harmony and Storyboard didn’t receive any change in the past few years. Most of the changes made on this export was made before the Adobe Flash 5.

Because of that, it is impossible to export:

  • Drawing layers set as 3D layer
  • Bitmap layers
  • Every kind of deformed drawing. We support only few situation.
  • 3D models

When exporting a drawing layer with the parameter “Enable 3D” on, every 3D transformation on the 2D drawing won’t be exported. The drawing will appear in the .SWF file like you see it in the Drawing view.

Is exporting a .SWF file with 3D layer mandatory to your project? Why do you prefer using a .SWF file than a movie?