3d elements are not rendered

Hi! I started to use Harmony 9 some days ago mostly because of the 2d/3d integration. But i’m having some problems with it.

1 - I can’t render 3D elements

I have done a lot of stuff, as including the system variables, using the Maya Batch Render in Module Network and putting the .mb and original 3d file in the project file with the same name, but it still doesn’t render

2 - I can’t import 3d elements with textures

Every 3d element that i import is all white, and doesn’t have any texture (like it’s showed in toon boom harmony 9 presentation video)

I will be very grateful if anyone of you can help me!

PS: As long as i believe it could has to do with using Maya .osb files, i just have to say that i still don’t know how to render in this format, since my Maya doesn’t have this option in “Render All”

You need to save your .mb and .osb and texture files to the same Maya render folder. That is you need to have all the files in a Maya render folder.

THEN when you import your textured.OSB file and it becomes textured-1.osb and you copy and paster the texture.mb file from the Maya “scene” folder and paste it into the Harmony “elements” folder it will know how and where to link the texture file.

Maya really does not work well when you save the texture.mb file outside of it render folder hierarchy.

I hope this helps and works.