3D drawing Titanic

Hi Guys

I have drawn the complete side of the ship now I want to make it a 3d version.
having cloned the other half in perspective view. I need to join the two halves together and fill in the decking in between to make a complete ship.

The main question is. Is there a way to shape the ships bow like for instance using the contour editor. This tool doesn’t work in Perspective or Camera view, and in drawing view the ship wont rotate from side to side. Any Ideas?

Animate Pro is limited to flat 2d elements which can be rotated in 3d space. That is, you are limited to whatever you can cut and glue together from cardboard, without bending it. For building a more or less realistic ship, this is not going to work…

Thank you at least now I know.

The 3D features are more to trick the eye and help create depth quickly.

It certainly isn’t a modelling tool. Blender is a nice free option if you want to try your hand at 3D stuff.