3d camera problem

Hello I have been using the 3d camera setup on an( Imac 3.06 ghz intel coreduo)and I noticed that some elements will just drop out of camera scene if too many other elements are present.but in this case i have just 4-6 elements and I can only see about 3 at a time…anybody know why?is this a problem of not enough memory,power?or is there somethimg i can do to prevent this.very annoying thanks…

What is the model of the camera? Is it web cam or digital camera?
Are you trying to use it for stop motion in Toon Boom Studio?
Does it happen when you are using original camera interface with the OS? TWAIN for example without using Toon Boom?
May it be related to your camera technology that may wipe out some information?
If your camera has more than one lens, make sure to have the right angle to show all images (try putting them close in same line for the test and see if it misses randomly or side).
You can also try adjusting lighting and the set about 5 sec for auto capture for the test with default interface along with the system or in Toon Boom Studio.

thanks for your reply.i am actually referring to using the 3D mode in toonboom animate pro.the virtual camera in the camera/perspective/top view.i set up my scene but if i have more than 3 drawing elements showing the computer will not allow me to see them all.for example if i have created a room and two characters on a simple camera motion path then.two of the walls will drop ourt of view or one of the characters will disappear unless i make other elements invisible.i just want to know if its a software problem or a processing problem or???thanks for your help…

Well. This not Animate Pro site. :stuck_out_tongue:
One way you can try is to turn on ‘althernate gradient and cutter’ from preferences>openGL tab and then restart Animate Pro to apply changes?
If it does not work, can you tell me your video card?
Also if you have turned the character that is disappeared, have you used skew or quadmap? Is it possible to see the example?