3d camera help please!

I can’t make the camera move through the scene when I try to put a floor. I have made sure I have checked enable 3d in the layer properties and also the camera peg layer. Is there a tutorial available anywhere as I am obviously doing something wrong. Please help somebody. >:(

Adam Philips has a 3 video tutorial on using the 3D camera (for multi-plane work):


Thanks Brett, I did find adam videos and they are very good and helpful. However as soon as I try to put a floor in the scene I have problems all sorts of weird thing happen. Anyway I have got round the problem by placing another background so it visible below the main background so it has the illusion of being a floor.

Hi lilly, I think I understand what you mean I will check, thanks and keep you posted.

What kind of wierd things were happening?

If you have composites in your network, then you may want to check to see that all the composites (except the last one) are set to Pass Through. Otherwise, the images all get flattened when a composite is set to As Bitmap.