3D Blender instead of Maya and one other thing...

Harmony costs enough. Blender is a great program and is widely used by pros and hobbyists alike. Toon Boom should make it possible for Blender to be used in place of maya… or create an internal 3D renderer within Harmony, whichever’s easier.

Also, motion blur based on camera movement would be great.

I’d love to have Blender support, and it’s totally doable since Blender can render using command line and supports python scripting.

In addition to Maya, yes. In place of Maya, no. Making their own 3D render engine I would think is WAY out of the realm of their business model and not in their best interest. In the professional world, like it or not, Maya is one of the gold standards for doing work in 3D and I’m sure Toonboom researched where the most demand was for 3D integration. I’m not knocking Blender but Toonboom is a business and they need to put resources towards that which provides the highest rate of return. I’m sure they have an internal ranking of which 3D apps the majority of their customers use and my guess is Maya is certainly on top. Maybe Blender is next… or maybe it’s C4D or Lightwave. It would be nice to see support for Blender but on the flip side it may be difficult, if not impossible to support all. Harmony supports .fbx, .3ds, .obj, .abc and .dae. They can directly link to Maya for rendering which is very nice. More companies are looking to support OSL which may open more doors especially for Blender.

I would never suggest they remove Maya support completely, that’s not what I meant at all. Only that it would be nice to have Blender support as an alternative for those of us who don’t have, know or want Maya.

No worries. My bad. I just misunderstood what you wrote. Personally I’d like to see Houdini and Modo supported but I’m not going to hold my breath…

Honestly, I agree with the suggestion as maya is out of option for many individuals but you could still render 3D scenes with transparent background and combine with 2D animation in Blenders video editor for example. Its a little more work but is it really necessary to use all the 3D work inside Harmony?

Better to just import your pre-rendered blender art into Harmony and animate over the top of it rather than combine in a separate video editor.

Blenders video editor is horrible at the moment. More focus on features that are available now would be more interesting.

syncing cameras, fast conncetion and transfer of 3D models, what else do you wish?